2021 Blanchard Beast Virtual Race

Course Information

Blanchard Beast Race Course
Overall Course
1First Climb ()
2Middle Descent ()
3Second Climb ()
4Home Stretch ()
Uphill Time
Downhill Time
Photos of Key Intersections
2Upper Lot
3Mid Road Climb
4Bottom of Alternate Incline
5Top of Alternate Incline
6Top of Lily Lake Trail
7Top of Max's Shortcut
8After Max's Shortcut
9Lily Lake/Oyster Dome Intersection
10Top of Oyster Dome Trail
11Mid Descent
12Turn to Overlook
13Start of Overlook
14End of Overlook
15First Road Crossing
16Second Road Crossing
17Hiker/Horse Divide
18Hiker/Horse Re-join
19Bottom of Max's Shortcut
20Mid Lily Lake Trail
21Road to Upper Lot
22Upper Lot
23Finish Line!

Text-Based Course Directions

Below is a description of the route. A printable map of Blanchard from the DNR can be found here.
  1. Start at the Lower Lot at Blanchard State Forest
  2. Proceed up the trail to the Upper Lot
  3. Turn right and run up the road towards Alternate Incline Trail
  4. Turn left and run up Alternate Incline towards Lizard Lake
  5. Continue left to the Lily-Lizard Trail towards Lily Lake
  6. Continue right towards Lily Lake
  7. Continue straight past the side trail (note there is no signage)
  8. Go left towards Oyster Dome
  9. Make a sharp left turn down the Samish Bay Trail towards the Samish Overlook
  10. Mid descent there is a "danger cliffs" sign. Continue left to stay on the Samish Bay Trail
  11. Turn left at the obvious intersection and head up the trail to the Samish Overlook. DO NOT turn right or you will have a fun out and back down to Chuckanut Drive
  12. Exit the trail to the overlook and continue towards the billboard/kiosk
  13. Continue left and cross the parking lot towards the yellow car barriers/poles. Go on the Larry Read Trail where you should past several horse stalls on the right
  14. At the gravel road, take a left up hill.
    Note: A reroute is required since the Larry Reed Trail is blocked/closed due to the road consruction ahead.
  15. Take a right on the new gravel road.
  16. Around 100 feet down the road the Larry Reed Trail will pick back up. Take a left here.
  17. Continue straight across the next gravel road. You will take an uphill, left turn
  18. At the old hiker/horse divide follow the path to the right.
  19. Where the two trails re-join, continue right.
  20. Go right on the Lily-Max Connector towards the Upper Lot
  21. Make a U-turn to the right to head towards the Upper Lot. DO NOT go straight towards Lily Lake
  22. Once at the road turn left and head up the road to the Upper Lot
  23. Go through the parking lot and turn right once at the kiosk. Head down the Lily-Lizard Trail towards the Lower Lot
  24. Finish at the Lower Lot!
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